Wellness Policy

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The Elkins Elementary School District recognizes the link between health and learning; therefore we strive to promote the academic, physical, social, and emotional growth and development of all of our students to reduce childhood obesity. To accomplish this goal, the district has implemented a local school wellness program.
Our Wellness Program includes the following elements:
  • Promotion of a healthy school environment-a safe and nurturing climate where all students are protected from harassment, discrimination, intimidation and bullying and are known by the staff.

  • Nutritional standards for all food provided in school.

  • Student services-student counseling and health evaluations from a registered nurse.

  • Professional development for all staff.

  • Substance abuse prevention.

  • Aids prevention

  • Prevention of bullying and violence.

  • Physical education and activities

Public InvolvementTop of Page

The Elkins Elementary School will encourage parents, students and members of the school board as well as the public to participate in the development, review and periodic updates of the Local Wellness Policy.
  • Meeting dates and times will be posted on our website, school bulletin and by letter.  
  • A copy of the Local Wellness Policy will be included in the Parent Student Handbook given to all families at the beginning of the year and upon enrollment.


All foods available in the Elkins Elementary School during the school day will comply with the National School Lunch Act and the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Elkins School will:

  • Serve only low-fat (1%) and fat-free milk

  • Ensure that all of the served grains are whole grain rich

  • Offer a variety of fruits and vegetables (The USDA and the Kirkwood Elementary School District are equal opportunity providers and employers)

  • Serve only 100% fruit juice.

  • Serve foods that contain 0% trans-fat.

  • Make drinking water accessible to students during meal and snack times


Nutrition education to teach, encourage and support healthy eating will be, when appropriate, integrated in other academic subjects in the regular education program. In addition:

  • Students will be encouraged to start each day with a healthy breakfast.

  • School lunch menu will be sent home to parents monthly.

  • The school cafeteria will display posters to provide students access to basic nutrition concepts and promote healthy choices.

  • Classes will participate in the Dairy Council Nutrition Education Program.

  • Through monthly bulletins, including excerpts from The Parent Institute, information will be provided to parents to help them incorporate healthy habits into their children's lives.