Site Council The site council is a group of parents, teachers and other school employees who advise the school board on the use of categorical funds. The six members, consisting of three parents and three staff members, meet once a month. Parents are encouraged to contact the office if interested in becoming a member.

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The Tehama County Department of Education assigns support personnel to Elkins Elementary School District to help with speech, health and special needs. A school Health Consultant is assigned ½ day per month. The nurse provides mandated screening for vision, hearing, and scoliosis; assists the staff; students and parents with health needs and maintains the student’s health record. A Speech Specialist works with students identified with speech needs, ½ day per week. The specialist regularly keeps the teachers informed about the child’s progress. 

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Class meetings are used by students to: (1) resolve conflicts that take place during the day, (2) give students compliments, (3) plan class events, (4) develop a set of classroom rules, and (5) to help each other. Class meetings need to be held often enough to keep students familiar with the procedure. Meetings are an opportunity for students to reflect on various events, a chance to speak to the group, air their concerns and become involved in their own discipline program. With the teacher’s guidance, all attempts will be made to resolve conflicts while constantly being aware of the child’s self esteem.