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Dress Code The students at Elkins School should be dressed/groomed in good taste, wearing clothing that is neat, clean and appropriate for an educational setting. Clothing should not interfere with classroom learning or the safety of the student. Therefore, it is recommended that:
1. Blouses/shirts cover front, back and midriff.
2. Shorts are a decent length and hemmed.
3. Sandals have heal straps (no thongs).
4. Clothing with obscene messages or suggestive messages will not be worn. 

Students will not:Top of Page

1. Leave the school grounds during school hours unless given express permission by their parents or school personnel.
2. Use foul language or call other people names.
Classroom Rules: Grades K-8
Each student will be expected to be responsible for their behavior, respect others, and not hinder the learning of other students.
 Students will be rewarded with class money and tickets. Students who choose to break rules will be given a warning. If student continues to break rules, the student will be fined according to the severity of the offense. Extreme offences will be subject to in-school suspension 

Mandated RulesTop of Page

Discipline Policy The intention of this discipline policy is to ensure a positive, safe learning environment for the students of Elkins Elementary School. We believe that every student has the right to learn, preparing him/herself for a successful life in society. Our ultimate goals are to;
(1) have students respect themselves,
(2) respect the rights of others, and
(3) ensure the self-esteem of each student. School Rules and Consequences In order to provide an environment for the student’s safety, the following mandated rules will be enforced, as described in the California Education Code.
Mandated Rules:
Students will not:
1. Bring knives, or items capable of becoming dangerous weapons, drugs (except prescribed medication), alcoholic beverages, or tobacco products to school.
2. Commit acts of physical violence.
3. Fight or intentionally cause physical injury to another student.
4. Steal. 
A school Counselor is assigned ½ day per week to assist students with special needs. A Resource Specialist Teacher (RST) is assigned ½ day per week. It is the responsibility of the RST to assist in the identification of students qualifying for special help. The RST is also responsible for providing help to the classroom teacher in establishing and implementing a program for the identified student.