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Q) What is the LCFF?
A)The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF is a new approach to funding for schools in CA. Rather than funding schools on revenue limit it removes many of the former restrictions with categorical funding and provides for greater flexibility and local control.
Q) How will it impact my school?
A) The funding is based on grade level spans and will be recalculated each year depending on student demographics. Schools that are in excess of 55% Low Income, English Learners, Foster Youth receive an additional 50% above the base rate.
Q) When does the funding take place?
A) Funding for the new LCFF is underway in 2013-14. A funding floor has been established for LEAs with an eight year target for full implementation.
Q) What is the LCAP?
A) The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is required to demonstrate how the funding generated from the LCFF is being expended to improve services and actions for students.
Q) Do small schools need to identify subgroups in the LCAP?
A) Small schools or small districts – those with more than 11 students, but less than 99 students with valid test scores – must still identify numerically significant subgroups.
Q) How can I get involved with the development of my school’s LCAP?
A) Visit the school’s website or call (530) 833-5582 Additional Resources: WestEd – (6 video episodes ~ 5min. or less that are topic specific).
CDE - Legislative Accounting Office (LAO) –
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